Anonymous asked:


9. What colour underwear am I wearing?… Black.

25. Favourite holiday? I went to the Maldives once and got to swim with a turtle so that was pretty much my life completed .

34. An embarrassing moment. Okay. So I was sat in the theatre, downing a bottle of Fanta, waiting for Les Mis to start and acting all sophisticated because everyone looked all serious . The lights went down and the whole theatre fell completely silent. Into the silent darkness, with no warning, my body decided to let out the hugest burp in the world fuelled by a whole bottle of fanta. It echoed all around the theatre and everyone within at least a 10 row radius turned and glared at me. I was already under high suspicions when right near the end of the play, bearing in mind I had just bought a squeaking parrot toy, I decided to reposition myself. At a really really dramatic death scene I some how managed to sit on the parrot which released a giant squawk into the theatre. Then I made choking noises trying not to laugh at the awkwardness and basically ruined everyone’s Les Mis experience. At least 30 highly emotional crying people being confronted by a squawking puppet…Yep. Urm.. Sorry if you were in there with me. On reflection it was hysterical.

41. Favourite foods. Milk chocolate digestive biscuits, fabulous fingers, nutella, cream, pancakes . :3 nom